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 1) Bets for both the Qualifying and the Race will be opened on the website simultaneously 5 days prior to the start of Qualifying. The bets will close 1 hour before the related phase of the competition.
For Qualifying, each competitor will place two bets;
♦  Pole Position (limited to 7 times the same pilot)
♦  Double Chance.
 All Bets will be closed one hour (1 hr) before the scheduled start of the qualifying practices and races.

2) The competitor can change his bet, respecting the closing time limit of the bets for Qualify.
3) Preferably the bettor should place his bet on the site. If for some reason this is unavailable the bet can be sent to the email:, keeping the time limits.

For Qualifying, the bettor must choose a driver for the Pole Position (limited 7 times the same name), followed by a driver who will be the “Double Chance”.
The position that the bettor must hit the “Double Chance” pilot is according to the stage being played. (The result will be exactly after finish the Qualify. Punishment will not be considered!)
Example: 2-China (the pilot who will leave in position P2) … 3-Bahrain (who will drop in P3) … And so on until the last step that will be the twentieth (P20) …
With 21 or more races during the calendar the DC will start again from the beginning.
Note: In case of step 1 (1-Australia) the bettor can choose two different names (Pole and P1) or the same pilot for both bets …
The races will be numbered on the website so everyone knows what position to bet on Double Chance …
4) Each competitor will make a bet for the race, which will consist of the choice of the winner of the race (P1), as well as the second (P2), third (P3), fourth (P4), fifth (P5), sixth (P6), seventh (P7), eighth (P8), ninth (P9) and tenth (P10) placed.
5) The competitor can change his bet, respecting the closing time limit of the bets for the race. To do this, simply make a new bet on the website or send an email.

Note: what will be valid for the purpose of calculating both the result of the classification training and the race, will be the effective result, that is, already corrected due to any possible penalty applied to a rider.
♠  Rule:  FAST LAP

The bettor will choose a rider who, regardless of his position at the end of the race, has made the fastest lap according to the official F1 website.
The hitter will receive 4 more points on the Race Table.
♣  Rule:  LUCKY DOG

The bettor must choose a rider any other NON-SPORTS player has chosen. And hope for it to get in the top 10… The rider could be in any position on the grid, but for a tiebreaker, the victor will be the one who chose the rider who left behind …
How to bet on Lucky Dog:
It’s an optional rule!

If the bettor chooses to try, he / she should explain the name of the rider in the box written Lucky Dog AND ALSO in some finishing position between P1 and P10. You do not have to hit it right, so the suggestion is to choose the lowest value positions to minimize the risk factor …
Wagers tied for points in the lead will not have the right to use the rule.
The victorious bettor will receive 10 more points on the championship table.
From the results of the race:
1) Each competitor will receive scores relative to the riders completing the race in the TEN FIRST POSITIONS, obeying the following criteria:
The competitor who hits the position of the chosen pilot in full will receive 100% of the points related to that pilot’s position.
You got it:
> First place       (P1): 25 points
> Second place  (P2): 18 points
> Third place     (P3): 15 points
> Fourth place   (P4): 12 points
> Fifth place       (P5): 10 points
> Sixth place      (P6):   8 points
> Seventh place (P7):   6 points
> Eighth place    (P8):   4 points
> Ninth place     (P9):   2 points
> Tenth place    (P10):  1 point

Pole Position      4 points

> Double Chance  4 points

Fastest Lap         4 points

The competitor who hits the rider but misses his position will receive only 50% of the points regarding the finisher’s position.
2) An additional score of 4 points will be credited to the competitor who hits Pole Position, Double Chance and Fast Lap.
3) In case of a tie in the score of the competitors, the tiebreaker will be given as follows:

A) who had more full hits.

B) depending on who has successfully completed the following results in the following order of priority:
> First place
> Second place
> Third place
> Fourth place
> Fifth place
> Sixth place
> Seventh place
> Eighth place
> Ninth place
> Tenth place
C) according to the arrival position of the chosen riders to occupy the first ten positions, one by one, until the tiebreaker occurs.

D) according to the POLE bet, if the competitor who made the best bet is classified in the front).

E) according to DOUBLE CHANCE if you have hit or not.

F) according to the time of the bet, being classified in the front that competitor that bet earlier.

IMPORTANT: each competitor is responsible for check their own result (scoring) on the Aerobet website. Corrections will only be accepted until the Thursday following the race (UTC time) and should be addressed to any member of the Truth Committee.
From the classification of the World Championship:
1) At the end of the season, the winner will be that competitor who achieves the highest number of points. The race score will meet the Formula 1 points criteria:
> First:      25 points
> Second: 18 points
> Third:    15 points
> Forth:    12 points
> Fifth:     10 points
> Sixth:      8 points
> Seventh: 6 points
> Eighth:    4 points
> Ninth:     2 points
> Tenth:     1 point
> Lucky Dog:     10 points
> Pole + 1 ~ 5:    25 points
> Pole + 1 ~ 10:  50 points

Attention: the competitor who wins a certain race will be accumulating 25 points in the world championship, regardless of the number of points he has made in the race.
The same scoring criteria applies to the other positions.
2) The competitor who hits POLE plus P1 to P5 in full will win an extra 25 points on the championship table. If you hit POLE plus P1 to P10 in full, you will earn an extra 50 points on the championship table.
In case of a tie at the end of the year, the tiebreaker will be given by the highest number of wins.
If the tie persists, then the tiebreaker will be given by the highest number of second places and so on.
From the results conference:
1) The results used for the purposes of the scoring calculations in our championship will be the results published on the official F1 website, which can be checked on this website.
2) The Aerobet will follow the race result, with possible changes, for up to 24 hours after the end of the race Any change in the test result, released after this period, will not be followed by Aerobet.
Of the awards:
For each race:
P1: ¥ 1000
P2: ¥  400
P3: ¥  200
P4: ¥  100
For the Championship: (will be calculated after registrations).

Champion:  ¥ 1500
Vice:             ¥ 1000
Third Place:¥  500
The values are according to the number of participants in the year.
If more participants enter with the championship already started, the collection will be destined to the award of the championship.
Payments of prizes will be paid by our treasurer and must be made from the Friday following the GP until the following Friday, except in cases in which the winner can not receive.
To participate in the championship
1) To participate in the championship, the interested party must make the full payment with the treasurer. The deadline will be 15 days before the start of the season.
2) Admissions after the start of the season will be accepted only upon approval by a majority of Truth Committee members.

Final dispositions:
1) Cases not foreseen by this regulation will be analyzed and judged by the Truth Committee, composed by Lo Bello, Schneider, Vilela, Wittboldt and Wally. Jorge Paes and Paulo Sérgio remain on the Committee as advisors due to their tremendous contributions to the development of Aerobet.
2) McCawley’s Court in Stage 3 is designated as the official forum for discussion of issues related to that championship.
IMPORTANT: AeroBetF1 is a non-profit organization. All money raised with the bets will be destined the awards and the development and maintenance of the site. At the end of the season, if cash is still available, the remaining will be used for closing festivities.
Members of the Truth Committee.
Final rule and most important!
“We are all friends!!

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